Birthday Surprise (Oikawa X Reader)
Birthday Surprise (Oikawa X Reader) cat café stories

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Oikawa takes you somewhere special for your birthday.

Birthday Surprise (Oikawa X Reader)

On your birthday, Oikawa always goes over the top. Right now, you've been walking for about 15 minutes with him covering your eyes. And it was 9:30 in the morning. "You're not peeking, are you?" He asks enthusiastically.

"Yes. I can see exactly where we are right now," You said sarcastically. "Don't be like that," Oikawa said, probably frowning at you. "I promise you'll love where we're going."

A little while passed when Oikawa said: "Alright! We're here!" You walked inside. He removed his hands from your eyes and in front of you was a small building with walnut-brown walls and pinewood flooring.

You looked around the building and smelled the coffee that Oikawa didn't let you have this morning. He had taken you to a cafe! You heard a 'mrrrow' from below you and a furry body rubbed against your legs.

"You- you took me to a cat cafe?!" you ask, bending down to pet the black-and-white tabby at your feet. "I told you that you would like it. And everything's on me!"

You tightly hug Oikawa as several other cats come in your direction. A Siamese, which, you've never actually seen in person before, but most were tabbies.

You tell Oikawa what kind of coffee you want and he orders two coffees. You sit at a small round table near the window and rub the belly of a maine coon laying on its back, basking in the sunlight. Oikawa sits across from you and hands you your coffee.

It was still too hot to drink, but Oikawa had gotten an iced coffee. A Russian blue jumped up onto the table, and was eventually followed by another.

Oikawa covered his cup of coffee with one hand and stroked one of the cats. "I don't want your fur in my coffee!" he exclaimed at the cat. "This is expensive, y'know!" You giggle at the cat who had batted Oikawa's face with it's paw.

The cat next to you climbed up your arm and sat on your shoulder, purring. Your arm was uncomfortable, sure, but you lifted it up and stroked the fluffy cat.

You took a sip of your coffee- it was amazing. This cafe was definitely getting 5/5 stars. "Happy Birthday, Y/N," Oikawa said. "Thanks, dork." He stood up and leaned over the table. He kissed you softly. "I love you, Y/N," He told you happily. "I love you too, Oikawa."

I hope that wasn't too short. But you liked it, right? I hope so.

That's all for now, Stubs. Have a nice day!!


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