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Dang sketchy notepad, and Nagisa wasn't much help either.

"Notepad" (Karma Akabane X Reader)

Alright, so if you don't watch Assassination Classroom (or if you do) you are a student in class 3-E. I'll try to make my X reader G/N for the first time. Anyways class 3-E is the lowest class in the school and everyone else makes fun of them for it. I hope I don't need to go further. Also your last name is Himino, so it's not just Y/N the whole time. Anyways onto the story!!

Being in class E-3 was hard. Not just for you, but for everyone else in the class. Well, mostly everyone. Because there was still Karma. It's like he didn't care about what anyone said, which, honestly, he didn't. But he had goot motives at least. He was smart, too. There's a lot you liked about him. Pretty much everything about him, if we're being honest.

He was in this class for his violence and that stuff towards other people. (More or less.) But what about you? Your grades were perfect before. They just plummeted. You blamed it on your depression. Your parents wouldn't have understood, because they never understand. You kept quiet about it. They wouldn't believe you anyway.

You sat next to Karma in the back of the class. And most of the time he was quiet and focused. You were quiet, sure, but rarely focused. At least, rarely focused on whatever you were supposed to be focused on. Nine out of ten times you were focusing on a certain red-haired kid. It was embarrassing when he caught you looking at him. He obviously knew.

He didn't say anything about it, to you or anyone, for which you were thankful. You knew about pretty much everything he did. You were a stalker. You went to Nagisa most frequently for relationship advice. He was a reliable source, after all- several people liked him, including yourself. You'd developed a small crush on him a while ago.

He kept suggesting that you talk to Karma. But you're too shy."Come on, Himino-San," he sighed again. "Nothing will happen if you don't do it." "But I can't talk to him," you whispered. "I literally will start crying." Nagisa sighed a third time. "I can come with you, y'know. That offer is still up." "No, I've already told you that if I-"

"Well, great, here he comes." Nagisa was frustrated, which didn't happen very often. But so were you. And Karma appearing behind you... ...didn't really help. "Hey, Nagisa-Kun," he said, peering over your shoulder. "And hey to you too, Himino," he said, turning to you. You smiled shyly at him, trying not to blush when he said your name.

"H-hey, Karma-Kun," You said. You turned to Nagisa and gave him a "see what I mean?" look. He shrugged helplessly. "Did you need something?" "Well, yeah, actually," he said to your surprise. "I need to talk to Nagisa-Kun." "Oh." You hoped you didn't sound as disappointed as you felt. Apparently you did though- "If it goes well, I'll need to talk to you too," he said.

"Oh," you said again, hopefully. What are they going to talk about? You are a stalker. You may as well go. You followed them out of the room. They walked in silence, and you did as well. Your feet made no sound as you walked, as you'd gotten used to following people so you just walked like that now. You were all outside now and neither of them glanced back at you.

You passed the group of kids from your class that were playing outside. You'd rather be inside, but it felt nice out today. You walked for a little longer until you got to an empty shed. You came here all the time to be alone so you knew there were several openings where you could get in. Karma closed the door behind him and Nagisa.

Good thing there were so many secret openings. You crawled through a hole in the back and crouched in the corner, hidden in the shadows. Today was a good day to wear all black. Your hearing was good, it'd grown stronger from eavesdropping so much. They still hadn't started talking? It's been about a minute now. Straining, you saw Karma with a small notepad and a pencil.

He knew you were here. He showed Nagisa the notepad. He was writing whatever he had to say because he knew you would hear otherwise. You were one step ahead. There was a thick sturdy board by both back corners. They were slanted and lead up to the rafters. You climbed up soundlessly, confidently, quickly. You were up above everything/

Karma's back was to you and Nagisa would see you if he lifted his head six inches. When Nagisa handed back the notepad, you were right: He was writing so he didn't have to talk. You read the writing on the pad. "I'm writing so I don't have to talk. I know Himino is here." The light was dim but reading his bold curly writing was easy.

"So should I not talk either?" Nagisa asked. It was great that he was thoughtful like that. "No, that would take too long. You write kinda slow." "Do not," Nagisa muttered. You read what Karma was writing on the paper: "I need your advice. I really like Himino and I don't know what to do." When Nagisa read the paper his eyes were as wide as yours.

"You do? You- for real?" Nagisa stuttered. Karma turned his head and you shrank back. You saw that he was blushing. Nagisa then did something bad. It was probably one of the worst things he could've done. He lifted his head six inches. You knew he wouldn't be able to see you very well, so he would squint. And then Karma would look and it would be over.

You opened your eyes as wide as possible and prayed that he wouldn't say anything. Nagisa sighed. Karma bent his head, sighed, and put up his hand. "You can come down now," he said. He sounded relieved, upset and frustrated. "Arrrgh," you groaned. "Good going, Nagisa," you muttered, shooting him a glare and jumping down.

"Wha- How was I supposed to know?!" He cried. "I didn't even know it was you! If anything, I thought you were a cat or something." "That was the first one of my stalking attempts I failed." "Sor-ee," he said sarcastically, throwing his hands up. "You ruined everything I had going!" You shot back. You hated it when you lost your temper but you couldn't help it.

"I'd have been able to get out of this just fine, if you kept your head down." "I lifted my head SIX INCHES!" He almost yelled. "No. I'm not-" "No!" You interrupted him. "If it weren't for you I'd- I'd- Arrgh! If you don't-" You stopped when you heard Karma laughing. He grabbed your arm and pulled you over to him. (You know what's about to happen. I'm so original.)

"Wha-" He suddenly kissed you. Your eyes opened wider but your eyebrows still angled down, slightly towards each other. Karma's eyes were open less than half way. His yellow eyes gleamed and he laughed into the kiss. You finally let your eyelids drop and you shut your eyes. You kissed him back and you were enjoying yourself.

You broke apart for about a second before Karma pulled you back in. "We're not done here," he said. He literally put words in your mouth. You pushed him away gently. "Oh, Karma, we're...nowhere near done. I'm just...kind of...out of breath," you said between breaths. Oh. Wait a second. You whipped around to see Nagisa facing the other way and blushing.

"You guys havin' fun?" he said, giggling. "Well, yeah, actually," Karma broke in before you could say anything. "Hey, Nagisa-Kun," you said. "I'm.. sorry about earlier, I shouldn't have started yelling at you like that." You did the signature 👉👈 while looking down. "It's alright, Himino-San," he said smiling.

"It wasn't just you- I'm sorry-" he turned around again. His smile from earlier... hmm. It wasn't genuine, was it. As if he'd read your mind, he said: "I was trying not to laugh. You- you should see your face right now." You realised what he meant when you blushed harder. Your face was literally crimson and you were drooling. Either that, or it was from Karma.

Wiping your mouth you turned to Karma. "Wh- How?! That's not fair!" you shouted at him. "Your face isn't red at all!" "Well, sorry," he said. "That was as far from a real sorry as a fake sorry could be," you scoffed. Now both of them were laughing, at YOU. The nerve! You needed to get out. You ran back to the hole you came through and crawled out.

"Hey! Wait!" They called after you. You didn't stop. "Y/N!" Called Karma. THEN you turned around. "Y-yeah?" You said, blushing. "It's so easy to fluster you, Y/N," he teased. You charged him and he ran. Nagisa was now on your side, and by your side, and when you caught Karma you tackled him. "Alright, alright! I'm sorry!" he cried, laughing.

"Let's see who's easy to fluster now," you growled, an evil grin spreading across your face. And then recess or whatever was over. This. Was. Trash. ANYWAYS I have to do my Nagisa X Reader so I can't express how garbage this is. How long was it?

Anyways, that's all for now, Sweet peas. Have a nice day!

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