I've changed my username, please read!!
I've changed my username, please read!! new user name! stories

17_bendy_straws ✨ Sawarasenai kimi wa shoujo na no?✨
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@toomanyfandoms was me before now lol

I've changed my username, please read!!

Ayo!! Sweet peas, I've chanaged my logo and username (sorry to @berightback, I really loved your logo) I made the pic on picrew, so I'll show you my other picrew things in a sec.

I was @toomanyfandoms, and I'll miss that name a lot. It was gold. I hope you like my new one!! Also you won't be Sweet peas anymore, you are [cues sparkle emojis]..

✨B E N D Y S T R A W S✨

here's the picrew things I made a few weeks ago:

I colored it:

This is terrible quality-

Totally not anyone specific...

I hope you liked the pictures, but I left out one- it's the one in the logo. Also, since you're not Sweet peas anymore, enjoy my new closing! Did you notice that it was always the same thing?

Anyways, that's all for now, my Bendy Straws. Have a nice day!!!!

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