Here, Like This (Akaashi X Reader)
Here, Like This (Akaashi X Reader) haikyuu stories

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TW: Mentions of abuse/suicide (not a lot tho) Also Oikawa is a bitch in this so-

Here, Like This (Akaashi X Reader)

Here's my first surprise x reader! Have fun lol

You should've tried harder. You should have tried harder to convince your parents not to move. Now you have to transfer to some other school. Just because you recently had a heart-crushing, soul-destroying breakup with Oikawa didn't mean you had to move. But here you are, at some school with a really good volleyball club, as it's said. You were now a second-year at Fukurodani.

You were the club's manager back at Sejoh, but you couldn't stand to look at Oikawa anymore. You didn't just quit; for some reason you had to leave the school. You looked up at your alarm clock. 4:56 am. "Ugh," you said, rolling back over to lay face down on your tear-soaked pillow. It seemed as if only two seconds passed before the alarm clock started beeping.

"Wake up, Oikawa's gone, go and manage your new club!" it seemed to say. Reluctantly you rolled over and hit the floor with a thud. You wiped your teary eyes and shook yourself. You couldn't spend your first day managing a volleyball club crying about Oikawa. He was probably with some other girl now anyway. You started your usual morning routine and got ready on time.

You usually walked to school, but today you biked instead. And you thought about Oikawa the whole time you were biking in the pale morning light. During morning practice and introductions, someone particular caught your eye- Bokuto. What was going on with his eyebrows and hair? You could tell though with his energetic vibe stupidness that you'd be good friends.

His black-haired friend though- he seemed very tolerant. And respectful. A nice guy to have if you were to, say, commit arson. Y'know, giving advice and stuff. He practiced probably twice as hard as everyone else, trying to keep that Bokuto in check. After a while of watching him practice you invited him to keep the score for a practice game. You handed him his water bottle and a towel.

"Sorry, but what was your name again?" he asked after a while. "Himino Y/N," You said politely. "You're Akaashi-Kun, right?" "Yeah." You stood there, thinking for a moment about what to say, but the silence between you two was comfortable. You watched him for a while, but soon turned your attention back toward the game. Bokoto's side ended up losing, 23-25.

"Uh-oh," Akaashi muttered. "Sorry, I have to go fix Bokuto-San," he apologized. "I'll be back, Y/N-San." Y/N-San? Oh. Why did you have to cry every time something reminded you of Oikawa? Why, why, why? You tried to hold back the tears as you remembered Oikawa calling you that when you first met. Y/N-San. It hurt hearing it. It really hurt.

*Timeskip: Afternoon Practice a month later* You were sitting on the bench when you started practice, giving out helpful tips. It seemed as though Akaashi was shaken about something, though. He seemed off today, so you went over and tried helping him out. You read a lot of "How-to's" for volleyball, so you were pretty much a pro with it.

His receiving was off the most, so you fixed that first. "Here, like this," you said, grabbing his arms gently and pressing them closer together. "And try to stand up a little higher- you're too low." On the other side of the net, Bokuto hit a spike directly at Akaashi and he got it almost perfectly. "Woah," he said. "I've never recieved that well. Thank you, Y/N-San."

You forced yourself not to flinch. "Yeah, no problem, Akaashi-Kun," you said. You went back to the bench. Oikawa never praised you. He never really made you feel like an actual person. You started tearing up. "Thanks, Akaashi-Kun," you said quietly to yourself. It was soon that you were full-on crying. You found yourself in a memory with Oikawa again.

Soon the rest of the team came over, with Bokuto in the lead. "Himino-San? What's wrong?" he queried, concerned. All you could do was look up sadly. "I'm sorry," you whispered, still trapped in a memory. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please, I didn't mean to, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." "Sorry? For what?" Was that Akaashi's voice? You couldn't think straight. You couldn't think at all.

Your eyes were screwed tightly shut. All you could see was Oikawa's angry face. "Please don't," you whimpered quietly, your voice fading. You felt a hand touch your back. Your eyes flew open, the hair on the back of your neck stood on end. Crying out in rage, you yelled, "Don't!" You threw the hand off and ran out of the gym, turned the corner and collapsed. You cried there.

For how long? You didn't know. "Y/N! Y/N, where are you?" Was it Akaashi? Or Bokuto? Or... Oikawa? You didn't move. Or breathe, or think. "Oh," they said, approaching you. They crouched down next to you and put their hand on your back. It was the same hand as before, in the same spot. "Hey, hey. Y/N, look at me. Please." So it wasn't Oikawa. He never said "please".

Wait. Why would it be? You opened your eyes to confirm it- you remembered you were at a different school now. Sadness washed over you. You looked over to see Akaashi. You met his worried gaze and you felt your sympathy shoot through you like an arrow. Why did you run away? "A-Akaashi," you sniffled, blinking. "What happened?" Akaashi then described what had gone down.

"...for about an hour or so," he finished. "What... what's wrong, Y/N?" You sniffled again and started from the beginning. You told him all about your ex. You held out your arm again so Akaashi could see the cuts on it. "Not all of these are from me. Oi... Oikawa cut me, too." "He- he really abused you? And cut you? He did all this to you? Is... he the reason you're suicidal?"

"Yes, yes, and yes," you sighed. "Everything I do is wrong. Everything I say. Well, unless it's 'yes, sir.' 'no sir.' 'I'm sorry.' It hurts to say but..." "But what?" Akaashi prompted. "You remind me of him. N-n-not necessarily in that way," you blurted quickly as his eyes went wide. "I mean... you're the opposite of him. I think things like: 'Oikawa never did that.' 'why did Oikawa not do this?'"

"Oh, I see," he said thoughtfully. "Look, I'm- I'm sorry, Akaashi." He turned around to face you and locked his eyes with yours. "Don't be." Then he hugged you tightly. "Don't be," he told you again. "There's no reason to be sorry about someone who did that to you, of all people."

Akaashi sat with you during practice for two straight weeks to help you recover from the trauma you relived in your mind with Oikawa. You often leaned your head on his shoulder because you liked when his heart skipped a beat or five and he blushed. You loved it when he'd comfort you for no particular reason. You knew you'd developed feelings for Akaashi.

You'd thought that with Oikawa you'd never want to love anyone again. But Akaashi's gentleness was right up your alley. "Akaashi?" you murmured, head on his shoulder, eyes closed. "Hmm?" "I love you." "O-oh." See, Akaashi's heart usually skipped a max of 5 beats. That caused about 20.

"Shhh," you shushed him. You were so glad you couldn't see him right now. "I thought I'd tell you before I-" "Me too," he said. A moment passed. "Huh?" "I love you too, Y/N," he repeated. "So much." His hand reached up and ran through your hair. He put it around you and pulled you closer. "OoOoOoOoOoOo," said Bokuto, approaching.

"OoOoOoOoOoOo," echoed the rest of the team behind him. "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" They chanted. "Um. Akaashi?" You said. "Might as well." Akaashi was so fast you didn't even feel his lips on yours at first. He looked impossibly calm. You leaned into it, trying to forget about the crowd behind you. You pulled away almost as quickly as Akaashi had assaulted you.

*Timeskip to when you go to Akaashi's thicc place that night* You were washing the dishes with Akaashi, listening to some Spotify playlist. You both sang your hearts out with all the songs. An ad was playing now, but the next song was your favorite. "Akaaaaashi-Kuuuun!" you sang. "The next song is my favorite! Do you know it?"

He checked the playlist and found the next song that would play. "Y/N, that's my favorite song, too," he called, uncharacteristically cheerful. And it came on- you continued to sing your heart out- and the song was a duet, so you could alternate the singer and sing the chorus together. "Babe, let's dance," Akaashi called during the instrumental.

"I can't dance, Akaashi!" You protested. "So? I can show you," he said, kissing you and grabbing your arms gently. "Here, like this..."

OH MY GOd that took forever to write... I hope you liked it... anyone else an Akaashi simp? Anyways, that's all for now, my Bendy Straws. Have a nice day!!!!

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