"Happy Birthday" Kuroken fanfic
"Happy Birthday" Kuroken fanfic kuroken stories

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Fluff. like, cringey, hard-to-read fluff.

"Happy Birthday" Kuroken fanfic

Yall I got this new hoodie (with pockets!!!) for my birthday with Dabi on it- and pls I beg you don't say happy birthday it arrived really late-- but anyways I get to show everyone in school how much of a weeb I am!!! yey Also disgusting amounts of fluff ahead

"Kuroo, I told you. You don't need to celebrate my birthday. It's no big deal," Kenma said. Kuroo was leading him somewhere within the school, his hands over Kenma's eyes. "Oh, come on. We had to. It's not like YOU wouldn't want to celebrate MY birthday," Kuroo insisted. Kenma scoffed. "Why are you like this? I'm your boyfriend, y'know."

"Yeah, yeah. Sure." After a bit more walking, finally: "We're here!" Taking his hands off Kenma's eyes, he joined everyone else in the gym on the Nekoma team. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" they shouted. "I really didn't want this," Kenma muttered, flattered that they bothered to celebrate his birthday, but he'd never tell them that.

Kuroo pointed at a table in the middle of the gym. "Sit," he ordered, and Kenma walked over and sat in the chair behind it. Lev dragged his lanky body over to where Kenma sat and handed him a hand-made card with a gift attached. Kenma opened it and read it carefully; it read:

Kenma, sorry I suck at literally everything you try and help me with. I promise I'll try to improve. Also, happy birthday! :) -Lev Kenma couldn't help but feel a stab of pity for Lev- maybe he was trying harder than Kenma gave him credit for. He removed the poorly-wrapped attached gift and removed the wrapping paper.

It was long and on one side it felt like thin cardboard. He opened it and it was a headband. Lev got him a headband. "Um. Th-thank you, Lev, for the, uh, headband." The previously nervous-looking Lev perked up immediately. "Yeah, no problem, Kenma!" He said, grinning widely. He looked at him expectantly. As if he wanted Kenma to put it on.

He sighed, removed the headband from the cardboard, and put it on, only for Lev's sake. Kuroo put a fist up to his mouth, trying not to laugh. "It- it looks- it looks good on- you," Yamamoto said between laughs."Can we just- carry on, please?" Kenma asked."Yeah- Yaku's next, right?" "Yeah, I'll go next." Yaku quickly walked out of the gym.

He soon returned with a rather large box. "Here you go," he said to Kenma looking exited. "Whatever you do, don't shake it." "I- okay," Kenma responded, surprised by the sudden seriousness in Yaku's previously playful tone. Carefully he unwrapped the box and noticed the quarter-sized holes in it.

There was a slightly smaller plastic-like box with thin metal bars, like a cage. Kenma lifted it out slowly and looked in it. He'd never been more surprised. It was a small black-brown-orange kitten with a green eye and blue eye and white paws. Kenma blinked at it, then blinked again. He lifted it up out of the cage and it- or, she- mewed in protest.

"Yaku, did you seriously.... did you get me a cat? For real? A real cat?" "Y-Yeah, I thought you would like one. Do you... not like her?" "Well, no, I do like her, but this is so sudden! I- there's so much stuff I need for her..." "You'll find a bunch of cat stuff in the box," Yaku told him quickly.

"Does she have a name?" "Nope. That's for you to decide," Yaku said, smiling. "Kuroo, I think you should probably go next." "Alright," he said. He walked towards the back of the gym and pulled a tall box in front of Kenma's 'booth'. "I think you'll like this one," Kuroo said, still trying not to laugh at Kenma's headband.

When Kenma pulled the ribbon off he saw that the box had a slit in it signifying that it opened like a door. Kenma slipped his hands into it and pulled it open. He was even more surprised than he was when he saw the kitten when a 164 cm. child with messy orange hair leapt at him while screaming "Happy birthday".

"Sh-Shoyou!?" Kenma wheezed when Hinata got off of him- he had knocked him to the floor. "In the flesh," Kuroo said. "Yeah, it's me! Happy birthday, Kenma!! Oh yeah," he added, turning back around to face the box. He picked up a small black bag that looked like a purse. "For the cat," Hinata said, waving briefly to the tortoiseshell cat in Kuroo's hands.

"Like, to carry her around in. Oh! And Kuroo had something else for you in the box." Hinata turned around and picked up a big-ish box. "Here," said Hinata, handing it to Kenma. Kenma opened it and found another box, so he opened that box and found another box. This went on for a while. "Kuroo?" Kenma finally said.

"Just open it," Kuroo said. Kenma finally got to the last box and inside was a new phone with all of Kenma's stuff on it. "Was it worth it?" Kuroo asked smugly. "Yeah, I guess," Kenma said. "Where's Yamamoto?" "FuNnY tHaT yOu AsK!" He shouted, appearing in the doorway, panting. He'd been running, obviously, but Kenma noticed a rather deformed birthday 'cake' in his hands.

"Oh, umm..." Kenma started, at a loss for words. "Sorry, Kenma," Kuroo said. "Yamamoto insisted on making the cake, so we finally gave in..." "Yeah," agreed Yaku. "This is the result." "This is also his present for you," added Lev. "Oh, uhm, you, ah, shouldn't have..." Kenma finally said.

"Of course I did! You can't have a birthday without cake," Yamamoto insisted. He placed the cake at the table that Hinata had set back up after knocking it over. Kenma hadn't noticed Shibiyama when he had entered the room right behind Yamamoto. "Hey," he said, waving. "Hey, Kenma! Happy birthday!"

He was holding the candles and a lighter, plus a present of his own. "Nice, uh, headband," he said, noticing the headband Kenma was wearing, and set down his present for Kenma. Other than Kuroo's presents, Hinata and the new phone, this was the best-wrapped present Kenma had seen all day.

Kenma could immediately tell that there was more than one thing in that wrapping paper. Hesitantly Kenma reached for it, and Shibiyama signified he was alright to open it. Kenma was right- it was several things: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for his Nintendo Switch, along with Super Mario Maker 2 and some Pokemon game that Kenma had been wanting.

He set them with the other stuff he'd received and watched as the team set up and lit the candles. "Ready?" Kuroo said, casting a sideways glance at Kenma with a smug face. "God, Kuroo. Please, no." "Yeah!" Called Lev and Yamamoto. Kenma buried his face in his palms and listened to the terrible singing from the team. God, it was so loud in that gym.

When they'd finished, Kenma blew out the candles and, honestly, Yamamoto and Hinata ate most of the cake. "Well, Kenma? Where's your speech expressing your undying gratitude for us celebrating you?" Kenma let out a heavy sigh and began. "You know I'm not one for speeches, Kuroo, but here goes."

"You all knew full well that I really didn't want all of this. I'd have been fine without the celebration. But thanks anyway, I guess. Thank you, Lev, for the, uh, headband. Thank you, Yaku, for the cat and all the stuff I need to care for her. Thank you, Kuroo, for the new phone, and, thank you, Shoyou, for coming, even though it was in a box- and for the cat purse as well. Thank you, Yamamoto, for the cake, --

"and thank you, Shibiyama, for the games and stuff. Thank you, all of you, for doing what I really didn't want you to. I'm happy you did it anyways. Of course, I'm not trying to be the center of attention, but I guess I should be more grateful that I have one day a year when I get to be." Kenma looked around at his crowd. Lev was almost crying for some reason, and Kuroo was clapping.

"You're welcome, Kenma. Of course we'd celebrate your birthday," said Yaku. Hinata hugged him and said happy birthday one last time. "We should get going," suggested Kuroo. "Oh, Kenma, you don't have to help," he added. The Nekoma team cleaned the gym and said their final goodbyes before heading out.

Kuroo and Kenma walked home together side by side, both holding Kenma's presents. "I love you, Kenma. Happy birthday," whispered Kuroo. "I love you too, Kuroo," Kenma replied.

That was so fluffy I might puke. Anyways, I felt bad for not posting in forever, so I decided to make this pretty long- at least longer than my other stories. Hope you enjoyed. Have a nice day!!!!


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