"Fresh Coffee" Tsukiyama Coffe Shop AU
"Fresh Coffee" Tsukiyama Coffe Shop AU tsukishima stories

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Just an incredibly predictable Tsukiyama coffee shop AU.

"Fresh Coffee" Tsukiyama Coffe Shop AU

So, this is my first time doing any type of AU that I can remember, so it's probably gonna be awful. Read at your own risk. Some background info: Yamaguchi works at this coffee place in the summer to earn extra money, and Tsukishima would always come before Yamaguchi worked there. He comes more frequently though now that Yamaguchi works there.

Bored and tired, Yamaguchi rested his head in his hands, his arms resting on the counter in front of him. ~This place opens too early,~ he thought wearily. Just then, two people entered the shop, and Yamaguchi immediately perked up. "Well, if it isn't my two favorite customers," he cheered as they found their way to their favorite table near the front, the one they always sit at.

The two customers were Tsukishima and Sugawara- they always came together, Tsukishima had said that Suga always insisted on coming. "What can I get you?" he asked. "Just the usual," Tsukishima said, briefly waving his hand at Yamaguchi. "Alright, no problem." With that, Yamaguchi got to work with their order. They always get the same thing-

He'd prepared their order so much that he could prepare it all with his eyes closed. "How are you today?" asked Sugawara. "Fine, thanks for asking. You?" "Pretty good. Tired though," Sugawara replied with a laugh. Yamaguchi looked over at him to see him taking out the money he owed for their order. "No, no, this one's on the house, you two," he said.

He came out from behind the counter with their coffee and placed it on their table. "Here," he said smiling. "Be careful, though. It's hot." "Thanks," said Tsukishima. That was almost always the first thing he said in the morning. He wasn't a morning person or a people person, but Yamaguchi still liked to hang out with him. Tsukishima wasn't that bad when you got to know him.

"Tsukki, how are you today?" He asked, like usual. "Well, you know, just like I always am. I'm fine. There's just one thing. . ." he trailed off. Taking a sip of his coffee, Sugawara asked: "What've you been up to?" "Y'know, just been working here, practicing my serves and receives with Hinata. He's also doing pretty well, if you're curious."

"That's good to hear," Said Suga. "Oh, Tsukki," Yamaguchi said. "My old boss retired. You'll never guess who it is now." "Who is it?" He asked with a bored expression. "It's Kuroo! I was actually pretty nervous, but he's actually not that bad." "Oh, Kuroo? Is he here now?" "Yeah, he's in the back. He's-"

"Did someboby say 'Kuroo'?" somebody asked, poking their head around the corner. "Oh, Tsukishima! Fancy seeing you here," he said. He looked genuinely happy to see him. "Yeah, sure." Tsukishima now looked as if he wanted to leave as quickly as possible. "I'll leave you guys to it," Yamaguchi said. He'd never had a good relationship with Kuroo.

Just when he arrived at the counter, the door flung open and somebody tall with grey-and-black-ish hair stood in the doorway. "Bokuto?" Kuroo exclaimed. "Kuroo?" Bokuto said, genuinely surprised. "What are you doin' here?" "I work here! What are you doing here-" "Tsukishima!!" Bokuto yelled, turning his head towards him.

"Well, you, uh, look happy to see them-" "And Yamaguchi, right!? Today was a good day to get coffee!" "Yamaguchi, come over." Yamaguchi did as Kuroo said and sat at the nearest table. They all caught up, talking about what's going on in their life. "Yamaguchi, can you take care of it in here? I, uh, have errands to run." It was obvious he wanted to hang out with Bokuto.

"Yeah, no problem, Kuroo. He doesn't really do much when he's here anyways," He added to Tsukishima and Sugawara. "I heard that!" Kuroo called. When they were gone, Sugawara said, "It's been fun, Yamaguchi, but we'd better get going. Right, Tsukishima?" "Actually, I needed to stay for a little while longer," Tsukishima said. "You can head out though."

Suga gave him a really weird look, and Tsukishima picked up on it. He shot Suga a glare and he left, though he was still looking in through the window. "Yamaguchi, I wanted to talk to you," he admitted. "That's why I wanted Sugawara to leave." "Oh, I see. So. . . what did you want to talk about?" "Yamaguchi, I like you." Yamgauchi stood for a moment, thinking about what he heard.

"You- You do?" he finally said. "Like, you LIKE me like me?" Tsukishima pushed up his glasses the way he always did and nodded. Yamaguchi obviously hadn't fully processed the information then, but when he finally understood, his face was greeted by a deep blush. (That was probably the worst way to put that lmao) Tsukishima put a hand on Yamaguchi's head.

"Well, that's it, so I'll go now," he said. He didn't display any emotion, but after years of hanging out with him, Yamaguchi knew he was upset. "Tsukki, wait. I- I like you, too." This made him turn around. "You're not just saying that so I don't feel bad? You actually mean it?" Yamaguchi did the signature 👉 👈 and averted his eyes. He nodded.

Tsukishima visibly perked up, and Yamaguchi caught a glimpse of Suga peeking through the window again. "Well..." Tsukishima said. "What?" Yamaguchi asked, confused. "Do you want to go out with me?" He noted that Tsukishima looked nervous, and that was incredibly rare for him. "Of course," Yamaguchi said, grinning.

So after that, Yamaguchi and Tsukishima went out. Suga was first to know, and, like the mother he was, he was required to tell everyone else. It took them a while to settle down, but eventually everything felt normal again, and they acted normal around each other. And, turns out, Daichi and Suga had been going out. Funny, right? And incredibly predictable? RIGHT?

Well, that was probably the most predictable fanfic ever. I hope you still liked it tho!! Also, listen to "I Think Too Much" cause it's great <3 Anyways, that's all for now, Sweet peas. Have a nice day!!!!


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