"Could Have Gone Worse..." Kamisero Fanfic
  "Could Have Gone Worse..." 
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Ugh, of course I just had to write about the one time it went wrong.

"Could Have Gone Worse..." Kamisero Fanfic

"Do you have it?" Sero whispered into his phone. "Yeah, I have it it. Got it right here," came the reply from the other end. "Alright then. Let's go." Sero and Kaminari had been dating for a couple months now, and every Tuesday and Friday night, they would pull stupid stunts.

The thrill of knowing that they could get caught never fade. Today was Friday, and this was one of their most dangerous stunts- one of the more likely ones that they would probably get caught. It was one of the only ones where their quirks were used. Throwing his skateboard to the sidewalk, Sero escaped school grounds unseen.

Kaminari was approaching from the left of him and he put his foot to the ground, slowing him down. Sero sped in front of Kaminari and called: "Are we going where we always do?" "Yeah," Kaminari answered. Slowing himself down, Sero found himself right next to Kaminari. Looking over at him briefly he offered his hand which Kaminari took in his hand.

They arrived at the city they always visit when doing this, and Kaminari activated his quirk. It looked as if he was leaving a trail of thin liquid gold behind him in the moonlight, but it soon turned dull as a thin wispy cloud covered the moon. Coming up on their next turn, Sero wrapped tape around the streetlight on the corner to angle his skateboard.

He took his hand back and used his tape to connect their skateboards so Kaminari wouldn't fall behind. The area they were in now was dull and dimly lit, as there almost no streetlights. Sero slowed and stopped at the first building. All the lights came from the crowd of people outside with lighters. "Ready?" Kaminari and Sero called. "Yeah!!" called the people.

Sero put up two fingers on his left hand and, and Kaminari sent his electricity towards Sero in two straight lines. At the same moment, He activated his quirk and in a split second all of Sero's tape was consumed by Kaminari's electricity. They shot forward through the streets of the small city leaving a trail of golden light behind them.

When Sero's tape fell to the ground Kaminari's electricity took a while to fade out, though they don't know why. They'd tried out this quirk-merging move and they found out that there's something in Sero's tape that keeps the electricity alive for longer than it should be. The crowd cheered for them as they continued to illuminate the streets of the dim city.

By the time they'd finished, the streets were lit up, shining as brightly as any city should. The crowd offered various things to show how grateful they were for what they did, but they refused. "C'mon, guys! You know me and Kaminari only do this for the fun of it!" Sero said, grinning. "Yeah! We-" "OI! Dunce face!" called someone very angry.

"Uh-oh. Bye, everybody! Gotta go!" Kaminari called, yanking Sero back onto his skateboard and speeding away. Sero dared to look back to see Bakugou in the air, with Kirishima behind him on foot. "Kaminari! Sero! *pant* Stop!" said Kirishima, struggling to keep up. Using his tape, Sero sped up their skateboard-vehicle and get back to the UA building.

Struggling, Kaminari and Sero worked the tape off of their skateboards. The furious calls of Bakugou and Kirishima grew louder, Kaminari went back to the building the way he'd came out before, while Sero went for the main entrance. He figured Aizawa was there, so he climbed one of the walls using his tape and got into his dorm using the glass door.

Sero didn't dare to look out through the door, so he lied in his bed, panting, and pulled out his phone. It was 12:26pm. Sero: did you make it back ok?? Kaminari: no Kaminari: Aizawa is blocking the entrance, im cornered Sero: crap- on my way, hold on Kaminari: yea, pls help Kaminari: im dead lol

Sero sighed and laughed slightly as he heaved himself out of his bed. ~Hmm. . . Kaminari can 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘺 manage on his own, right? I can barely move my legs,~ Sero thought. Slowly he lied back on his bed and pulled up his blanket. ~Yeah, He'll be fine.~ That was his last thought before he drifted off to a heavy sleep.

That's it, yo. Took forever to write, but it's done. Hope it wasn't too short!! But anyways, that's it for now, Sweet peas. Have a nice day!!!!


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