"Better" Atsumu X Reader
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"Better" Atsumu X Reader

TW: Hate on Osamu

You've been going to watch Inarizaki's matches for a while now. And Atsumu has all those fangirls. I mean, can you blame them? No. They alway scream and do that fangirl-squeal that sounds like, well, a hamster in a parachute that won't open. But Osamu, he has, like no fangirls. He's a pretty good player himself, but it seems he's not very popular with the girls.

Of course, you don't exactly go to this school. But you still decide to cheer for Osamu. On every single thing he does. So much, in fact, that he seems... annoyed. But happy, nonetheless. Atsumu seems completely unbothered by you, so you continue. "Nice recieve, Osamu! Nice block, Osamu! Nice serve, Osamu!" Stuff like that. Though when the game ended, or was about to-

almost everyone was staring at you. Because nobody else cheers for Osamu. You can't blame them. Anyway, in the end, Inarizaki wins the match. How in the great frick this is possible, I don't know, but somehow Atsumu gets you alone in the gym. Well, just you and him, anyway. And he was obviously pissed. (Lol it's 6 a.m im crying)

"So what is it that you need?" You asked. It's not as if this wasn't exciting, but you were already pretty bored. Nothing was really happening. Atsumu looked dead serious, he literally looked like he was about to murder you. You weren't scared or anything though. "Oh, is this about Osamu?" You said, with that "Oh, is that why" voice.

"Yeah." He took a deep breath. "Why in the world would you cheer for him? He's nothing special. I literally have no idea why you would like him." The truth is, you DON'T like Osamu. Atsumu actually gets jealous really easily, so you figured this would happen. How did you know? Well, let's just say rumors spread like wildfires. The can spread outside schools too.

But you're not about to tell him that. "Because I genuinely think he's better than you in, like, every way," You said, and shrugged. "Oh, really?" said Atsumu. "Well, can he do this better?" Suddenly he grabbed your hand in a non threateningly way.You didn’t notice his hand moving towards yours because of how fast he was. He pulled you closer to him.

What he did wasn’t very impressive, it wouldn’t be a hard thing for Osamu- or pretty much anyone else- to do. “I know what just happened wasn’t very impressive to you,” Atsumu said while shaking his head. “Your thoughts are written all over your face.” He laughed quietly and looked into your eyes. You realized he never broke eye contact with you.

“See? Not a lot of people can do that without breaking eye contact,” Atsumu explained smugly, and you had to admit that he was right. “You think Osamu can do this better?” Atsumu pulled you even closer closing all the space between you. You exhaled softly, letting out half the breath you were holding. Your faces were inches apart, and only to yourself would you admit-

that his breath wasn’t bad. In fact it was cold and had kind of a minty smell. It was kinda relaxing so you let out your breath. You breathed in the smell and it kind of just filled your senses with the icy scent. (what the fuck it’s been a month it’s 10 33 pm) You closed your eyes and suddenly there was a pair of lips on yours. Damn, he was good.

Not that you were complaining though. He released you and you stood, his arm around your back, and he smirked. “Not only did I just steal your first kiss (probably) but i also surprised you,” he said proudly. “And Osamu can’t do either of those things. “Hmph.” you hated to admit that he was right. Osamu never surprised you during-

a game. Before you could make a sharp comment, Atsumu grabbed your wrist and turned you around. He had you pinned to the wall. You didn’t bother struggling in his tight grasp, you were at his mercy completely. He kissed you again, roughly this time, and you did not fight it. “Y’know, Osamu’s never kissed anyone,” Atsumu mumbled between breaths.

You just hummed in response as you pulled him in for another kiss. You kinda just stood there making out. And you knew you enjoyed it. You took your chance to speak while Atsumu was catching his breath. Of course, he interrupted you anyway. “Still like Osamu more? Still think he’s better?” “I never did,” you confessed. Though not guiltily.

He stared blankly at you. “Huh?” “I always thought that you were the better twin.” Now it was your turn to smirk. “I had a major crush on you, and this was my plan to take you. I falsely supported Osamu because I knew you’d get jealous. You think your the better twin and I figured you’d do something to prove it. Osamu sucks.”

Atsumu sighed in defeat. “Alright. You win. I guess I just have to date you now.” You chuckled at his words. “If you insist.” You started making out again and you two were dating. Atsumu made it public right away so all his fangirls would leave him alone. You wouldn’t tell him, but you were really happy to be with him.

UGH! I hate using a phone for this! i can’t have my Chromebook and my computer is broken so i wasn’t on! SORRY GUYS! i hope you liked it, i make these oneshots up at night. right now i’m doing Bokuto but i needed to finish this first lol

Anyways, that’s all for now, my Bendy Straws. Have a nice day!!!!

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