"Haah?" Bakugou X Deku's Sister Reader (Part 2!)
"Haah?" Bakugou X Deku's Sister Reader (Part 2!) katsuki stories
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17_bendy_straws started tokyo revengers!
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This sucks but i hope at least my grammar was good :))


"Haah?" Bakugou X Deku's Sister Reader (Part 2!)

Alright! This was highly requested, so here you go! Sorry it came out late! (So did I-) But, I promised I't tag you in this, so here you go, @liaaalizabeth14 !

Walking down the hallway, you forgot what was going on. "Izuku, where are we going again?" "Training!" he said cheerfully. "Ugh, let me guess. Quirk training?" "You bet!" You rolled your eyes affectionately at your brother and craned your neck to look at the blonde in front of him. 𝘩𝘦'𝘴 𝘬π˜ͺ𝘯π˜₯𝘒 𝘩𝘰𝘡, you thought. Dang.

You'd probably date him on his looks alone. His personality? Utter trash mixed with hot garbage. His face? Mmmm. You would eat that face if you could. He felt you staring at him. Whipping around to face you, he glared. You inclined your eyebrows at him, giving yourself a bored expression, although you were definitely amused. Bakugou fell back until he was walking beside you.

"Don't get cocky, dipshit. Just 'cause I hate you less than your brother and Icyhot and dunce face doesn't give you any power over me, just them." "Would you rather have me stay out of your way, then, or gain their trust and submission?" You smirked at him and took a step ahead of him. "Or would you rather fall into 𝘺𝘰𝘢𝘳 place, below and behind me?"

Bakugou took his hands out of his pockets and put one over your chest, pushing you behind him. "Sure you don't have our positions mixed up?" You flashed him an irritated grin and felt a vein pop up in your forehead. "Try me, pretty boy," you said. "See what happens." "Tch." "Tch."

"Hey, Y/N," Izuku whispered after a while. "You won't, um... you won't set anything on fire, will you?" He set his intense and worried gaze on you. You knew he actually meant 'anyone'. That was a promise you couldn't exactly make. If you did set anyone on fire, it'd be Bakugou, but from what you could tell, he and Izuku weren't exactly 'besties.' "We'll just have to see."

Arriving at the training area, you chose a spot that looked like a mountain trail with loose rocks. You assumed it was for strength-based quirks- lifting heavy rocks, punching heavy rocks, that kind of thing. You tested your quirk on a standard-sized rock and set it ablaze. Unsure of how to put it out, you threw it to the ground and stomped on it several times discreetly. Nobody noticed.

"This is standard quirk-usage practice," called Aizawa, his voice ringing out across the whole room. Change into your hero costumes." "Oh yeah," you murmured. "Forgot about those." Following the rest of the students to the changing rooms, you found your stuff and slipped into your costume. (Idk what to do for your costume, so design it yourself ig lol)

Following everyone back into the training area, you went back to your mountain trail. You picked up your discarded rock - it was still warm. If you tried hard enough, you could make some things float, so you concentrated all your energy into that rock. You managed to get it around three inches from your hands before a loud crash made you jump. "What was that?"

"Y/N!" called several students at once. "Look out! Above you!" you looked up and were able to dodge shattering glass and at least four people. You felt a hand wrap strangely around your neck - somewhere, one of the dry fingers was lifted from your skin. "You're new," rasped a creaky voice from behind you. "I wonder what her quirk is." "She's not worth it."

Out of the corner of your eye, you saw someone with spiky black hair, much like Bakugou's, and stapled skin. "She looks so ordinary. Like the rest of them." "Hello!" another voice squeaked smoothly and excitedly. "Can I have some of your blood? Pretty please?" she came up on your other side and smiled toothily at you. You tried to shake off the guy behind you. "Don't move," he croaked.

"Y/N!" called Izuku furiously. "He can kill you just by touching you!" You looked at Staple-Face-McHotness for something - Anything small, separated from his body. Or, maybe his clothes? You screwed your eyes shut and tried your best to use your quirk, and when you opened your eyes, Staple-Face-McHotness was on fire. The guy behind you loosened his grip.

You bolted out of his reach and stood by your class. With an 'ugh', you realized you were next to Bakugou. You could hear him gritting his teeth. Aizawa stood between you and the villains. "Don't touch these kids," he warned in a low and threatening voice. "Who's gonna stop us?" Bad-Touch-Dry-Fingers challenged. Oh boy, he was covered in hands. How fun.

"Allow me to introduce us, new student," he said, turning to you. "I'm Tomura Shigaraki." "Dabi," said Staple-Face-McHotness. "Toga," sang Can-I-Have-Your-Blood-Please merrily. "Kurogiri," said some Purple-Fog-Dude in the corner. "Pleasure to meet you." (Cause I just think he's polite like that) "Hey," you said. "Nice to meet you..?"

"Hey, be threatening," Bakugou muttered to you. "Tell them the name of who's gonna take them out, 'cause they're all getting cocky like they're gonna win." "This is Katsuki Bakugou. Thought you'd like to know the name of the guy who kills you." Bakugou smirked. "Not what I meant, dumbass, but it's my pleasure to beat their asses into next Tuesday." You flashed Shigaraki a grin.

"Bring it on." Those words seemed to be a trigger, because someone let out a war cry and everyone started attacking. This would be an easy fight - set everyone on fire, badabing, badaboom. But what would happen to the room? "Oi! Idiot!" You heard Bakugou's angry voice from above you, and looked up to see him propelling himself above.

He jerked his head at your landslide zone and saw Toga standing on your pile of rocks. "Heeeeey!" she called. "Any spare blood, pleease?" You felt large hands grip the back of your costume and jerk you away as Toga leaped down to stab you. "Thanks," you breathed. She landed where you previously stood, and Bakugou shoved you away. "I'll take care of this. Go."

Nodding, you made a run for the shipwreck zone because there was water there. You grabbed this bucket-thing and filled it with water. You weren't actually just gonna leave Bakugou fighting alone. He was capable, yeah, but it was worth irritating him. Toga had fled the scene by the time you got back, and Bakugou's new opponent was some irrelevant villain.

Ignoring Bakugou, the villain approached you. "Whoa, so you're the new kid," he said. "What's your quirk? Just... for research purposes." He charged you with startling speed and you hesitated for half a second before locating a flapping piece of his outfit and setting it ablaze. He screamed but didn't pause in his perusing of you. "Oi!" Bakugou shouted. "THE WATER!"

"Are you waterproof?" You asked as you leapt away and ran. You set another piece of his clothes on fire. "heehee." The villain cried out in agony. He still didn't stop chasing you. "Are you waterproof?" You asked again between breaths. "What the hell does that mean?!" he yelled back. You stopped abruptly and splashed the water on him, and he fell back, wiping his face.

Taking your chance you kicked him in the stomach and drove your elbow into his head, and you used your other hand to punch him in the nuts. He doubled over, crossing his arms over his stomach, and you kicked him again for good measure. The fight was pretty uneventful after that - you went and assisted some of your classmates and listened to Bakugou's advice as he fought.

The pro heroes eventually arrived and assisted you in the battle, and you heard a few people mutter, "Why does this always happen?" "Oi," Bakugou said as you made your way back to class. "Hmm?" You looked over at him; he was blushing and facing the other way. "You did pretty alright today." You smiled and patted him on the back.

"Thanks," you said. "Didn't know you knew how to give someone a compliment." "Oh, shut UP! It looks like YOU don't know how to TAKE one!" You giggled and let your hand brush his as you walked. He didn't say anything, just clicked his tongue and continued walking. "You're only alive because of my advice," he muttered. "Well, in that case..." you said.

"Pleasure working with you."

Alright bro that SUCKED and came out a week late but I hope it was good enough for y'all! I feel so much better now that i'm finished with this. Anyways, that's all for now, my Bendy Straws. Have a nice day!!!!

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