The Corridor - I
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Fantasies are pure desires. I want to wake you all up to different ones.

The Corridor - I

Disclaimer - These stories are purely out of my head and have not been enacted on - or do I wish too; purely fantasies ;)

-Main characters

Jun: Female, 27, Indian Chinese.

Fir: Male, 38, Malay.

My name is Jun, I'm 27, I've lost my job due to co-vid 19 - it's been very hard for myself to get a proper job,

I can't even explain how many resumes and calls I have made to companies - only to be turned down or asked to wait and eventually that waiting became null.

During this period I had time to go and get my security license done; courses were easy and I had piror experiences in this line.

After I got my license I avidly started looking for jobs and I came to one that paid well and it was in a university - but it was a 12 hour shift,

Saturday was a half day and I had the Sunday to myself.

I applied for the job and was instantly contacted; it didn't take me long to go down to thier headquarters and sign the contract and take the uniform and whatever other things they provided.

I spent the next few days taking my needed rest and preparing for the job; I had my tattoos to cover so I had to go down to the store and get me a pair of arm sleeves and a pair of work boots

as well, my old one was pretty worn out. I wasn't that excited for the job, nothing new from what I've done before.

I knew it was a different environment then from where I used to work in - I did aviation security over in our local airport.

Fast forward - work had started.

It was my first day and the moment I walked into the conference room it was just buzzing with noise and people - I counted 18 of us,

for this particular event they only needed us to be around for a timespan of two weeks,

my supervisor was busy giving us our equipment while explain where we are posted and what we are supposed to do in said posts.

Then the doors flipped open harshly and slammed against the wall as a tall male burst through the doors; panting and apologizing profusely that he was late.

My supervisor went over to him and calmly gave him a few pats on his shoulder before telling him that it's fine and he is only late by ten minutes which isn't too big of a deal.

Instantly when he looked my way, I just felt a strange feeling spreading through me, I couldn't explain it at that moment - but he gave me a warm smile and it just made me melt a little.

Fir was a decent looking guy, tall - a little chubby but all the more he was just attractive to me. This was my first meeting with this man.

He and I were posted to different spots in the university but as days past I eventually started talking to him more and more; both of us smoked so during our breaks,

we'd meet up and go for a smoke and get something to drink and just disturb each other with stupid and senseless jokes that only we two can understand - it was truly platonic; but there

were days I wanted him in other ways and I was very confident he wouldn't return that kind of feelings.

Nights that made me wanting of some man's touch only he came into mind and I constantly ended up fantasizing about him - I was too shy and insecure to directly asked him so I thought just

using my imagination would suffice.

Then it happened.

When I least expected it - One of the days I was working,

we had an issue were someone had somehow slipped thier walkie talkie under a metal cabinet in the storage area - and that place is literally like a labyrinth.

It was all hallways and doors; not even sure what half of the rooms had inside but it was air-conditioned so our supervisor sent me and Fir to deal with the walkie talkie issue.

When we reached the area - we noticed one major problem.

There wasn't any lights and the maintainence crew said it has been like this for a couple of weeks and they still are trying to fix the issue.

Fir said that it would be a good idea for me to go into it and use my phone's light and search the underneath of all these cupboards and cabinets and I was the youngest of the crew,

it was only justifying to have me do the difficult parts.

I went into the darkness - there was brief lighting from the lit areas but I still had to use my phone's light - I sat down on the floor,

crossed legged and put my bag aside and was about to pull out my phone before I felt footsteps approaching behind me and eventually stopped right behind me and I felt the presence come down

and that was it - Fir was on his knees and hugged me tightly from the back. I knew it was him, there was no chance it could be someone else.

I was in shock but I was consenting and I just couldn't muster any words in that situation - He placed his head onto my shoulder and just whispered this singular phrase that made me dumbfounded

"I've been wanting you so I got a chance to express that wanting.

" He said softly and seductively - now his hands were firmly groping my ample sized rack and all I could do at that moment was too whimper while he played with me - I knew this

was wrong; wrong as in we shouldn't be doing anything here and while at work but I wanted it so bad,

my fantasies of him might come through; I had thoughts of pushing his hands away but my body just wouldn't let me...

Hi guys, thanks for reading - helpful criticism is needed and I hope to write more for you guys :) Chapter 2 will be up tomorrow or the day after. Cheers

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