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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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SMOG, Geoengineering, Chemtrails, The End Draws Near!


SMOG, Smog Everywhere Falling from High Above to Floor below there is No Escape from the Elites final Agenda. As Satan's cloak wraps Firmly around us like a Casket of Death the Putrid air Smothers our Every thought so we're too Numb to even Fight.

The Chem Fog Keeps falling on City & Town, as the Unknowing Breathe in this Toxic poison like Circus Clowns, for each Beat of their Heart could quite easily be their Last! Nothing will be spared from the Elites Poisonous Destruction, No Human or Beast will survive this Deadly Attack, So Do Not Waste your Energies Looking at a Screen you should start Looking up as it can now Clearly be seen!

You Have been Warned but you will Probably chose to Ignore & Now it's Almost too late so there's No Point closing Your Door. So Do Not sleep too Well at Night & keep one Ear open for Satan's Plight, we will all hear his Roar as The End Draws near But then its Way too late to say oh dear, so Don't be Dumb & make it clear that Chemtrails are Real & something Very Real to Fear.

Its Never to Late to Stop this Decay of All that is Good so Don't Delay, We must stand up as ONE to Conquer this BEAST who's Face you will Never see but will bring you All to your Knees, I stand for All & Shout it out Load, WE Do Not Consent so Stop Spraying NOW!

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