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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Brain Washed from Birth

Mind Control

As I turn on the Television once again in the Hope that something Good may of happened in this Contaminated World in which I live, I silently sit down & wait in Anticipation as

Silhouetted shadows Creep forward from Every corner of the Room to Tear at my Sanity, their laughter is Consuming as they Edge closer but they are soon to be Extinguished as

the Tv screen Bursts into life, and as quickly as they Came they Disperse into Droplets of Black ink as the Light hits their Shadowy form, its like they were Never there but their Darkness is soon replaced by even Greater Horrors,

I can hear life's Great lie's start to Blurt out from behind that Glass screen in front of my Eyes.

I immediately question my decision as to why I pressed the ON button on the remote in the first place?

I find myself instantly under its Hypnotic spell, It has me Glued to the sofa as if a Malignant invisible force is holding me there against my Will.

My eyes Bulge out of my head like they are on Springs & my Jaw Drops letting out my tongue which starts to lap up Their scripted Fake News on this Government run Channel.

This latest Smart Tv is built to take control of our Thoughts as soon as the Electricity is allowed to Flow freely though its Circuit Boards ,

the Spark of life has made it into a Dark uncontrollable Beast which has been awoken from its temporary Slumber, Its loud Roar makes it clear who is in charge as

a picture of a Bloated Broken world Suffocating upon its Endless Failings fills up the Screen.

All I see and hear from this So Called "SMART" Tv is Humanities Hate, Greed & lies in a Multi coloured rainbow of Doom.

My sub conscious Brain questions my choice in giving life to this Beast in the first place, but my Ego gets sucked into its false Matrix Every time! I come to a temporary

conclusion that I must be either totally Deluded or Insane or possibly even Both? I am Enchained to this false reality like a Puppet which has had its strings cut

with no means of Escape.

I find myself watching Goggle eyed at the latest Propaganda which this News channel spews out onto the Screen, it penetrates my Brain like a Virus which has No cure,

I can see there is no Truth in their speech, but I'm Incarcerated as I watch their False words swim upon their pool of Lie's.

It's like I've been Drugged as Nothing quite matches up with the words they are speaking?

their lies seem to flow freely through their Wide open mouth's as their Eyes Glint in Self satisfaction at the Great performance they produced on our behalf while

we sit Blinded and Mind Numb to their Every word with Glazed over eyes and hanging tongue, the saliva slowly Drips from our mouth in appreciation as our deprived taste buds crave for More

like a starving Beast scavenging for broken Souls to feast upon.

Our human make up is slowly getting Consumed by this Monster as it sucks the life from our Broken carcasses.

We are Numbed by Sugar encased Fake glossy promises which are spoon fed to us to appease our silent unrest, this Delusion though is as corrupted as our decayed Rotting flesh,

we are nothing but Zombie's, Ravenous & tormented by

our lust for more.

The encrypted Messages never cease penetrating our Minds as the Pantomime plays out on life's Big screen, but it holds a Deadly Dark

Hidden message, and that message is our Fast approaching End.

Unfortunately we are so Conditioned & Brain washed we Can't see what is straight in Front of our Face, we are Blind, Our Eyes are Sown Firmly shut, we have been Manipulated from Birth & Everything we take & Think of as Truth is a Great Lie.

All I can do Now is Scream in Sorrow as I know its Far to late for change & the Only Escape will be to Jump off this Merry go round of Existence for Once & for All.

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