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13 Sometimes Truth is Darker than Fiction!
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Lie After lie

Fear Not

Lie After lie the Conditioned do Stare with Programmed Minds & fingers pulling at Their Hair,

Fear Gripped & full of confusion, they cast Their Spell that is just an illusion,

Lie's so Transparent for All to see just Look closely before They bring you to your knees,

Experts with Numbers the Learned do speak with Charts off the Scales as they Speak down to Their Sheep.

Masks on mask & Faces Disorted you Must do what the NWO has Ordered,

Line after line you wait Your Turn,

Vaccine & Chip will save your Soul that is what you are being Told,

Stop being Spoon Fed to these Great Lies,

Time to use Your own Mind & Gently unwind,

Free Your Soul from Manufactured Delusion, at Satans Hand lets make No Confusion,

Awake now before its to Late, Believing in Them is a Big Mistake!

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