A short story of someone's life that might make you laugh !
A short story of someone's life that might make you laugh ! stories

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It's a play if you wanna call it a short story?

A short story of someone's life that might make you laugh !

- “Looking back to my life, I realized what a loser I am!”

[Anderson by himself, sits in a dark room, silence for a while, then starts the conversation...... ]


My name is Anderson Liu.....


[politely] Tell me more about yourself please, Mr. Liu!


I started as an ordinary college student of course....

As a child, I did what my parents expected me to do; do well in school, get good grades, learn to play instruments, and get into a good college.

I never got a chance to do what I like, all I had done was to fulfil other people’s desire and expectation..... I applied Harvard, but they screwed me, so I applied to Northwestern.

I studied economy, the most hateful and perhaps the most lucrative major. I was destined to wear a suit, carry a suitcase, and walk on the Wall Street......

Anderson sighs....with despair in his eye


After I finished my learning, I walked on the Wall Street as I have always wished.....but there is something wrong......

I asked myself: is this worth it? What’s all these for? Why am I wanna do all those stuff?.....


So you got confused? About life?


Yeah... For a long period of time, I.. lost the image of myself..... I lost the idea about who I am... Where I am going.....

It’s just like the time when you wake up at the middle of the night, with anxiety, sadness, and darkness....


Then what did you did? Just quit life?


I was standing on the Wall Street one day and thinking about these questions. Then I finally got the answer......

No! I don’t wanna all those! I am not made for Wall Street, I should do whatever I am suppose to do. I am not born to wear a suit or carry a leather bag.

No! Not those! This suit is the shackle of my life, this bag is the handcuff of my dream, I need to get rid of all those and pursuit my dream! And that’s what I did!


That’s a great life story Mr. Liu.... but..

this didn’t justified why you exposed your body in broad daylight!

Why the fuck you took off your clothes at in the middle of the most crowded street and running down the street like a crazy motherfucker!

[Anderson with a sinister smile in his face....

The man reveals to be a police officer

The dark room reveals to be the Interrogation Room ]

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