Told you so
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Will you check for monsters??

Told you so

Gaige was trying hard to support his little brother. You see, he was 23, but had a 6 year old brother named Artemis. Their parents had died from heart attacks 3 and 9 months ago.

Every night since then, Artemis has been having nightmares. He wakes up almost every night at 11.

00 and says "Gaige, I think there's a monster in my room!" Gaige would get up and come check, and then would tuck his brother back in.

Things were tough. Gaige didn't sleep well, and he wasn't staying awake at his job. But he pushed on to put food on the table.

One night, Gaige heard Artemis cry before he called out "I think there's a monster in my room.".

Gaige walked into the dark room and patted his brother on the head. "It's ok buddy" he said.

"Can you check under the bed for me?" Gaige yawned and went to grab a flashlight. He came back and crouched. "See, I told you-"

He froze in place. The flashlight shone on a curled up Artemis crying under the bed. The last thing either child​ heard was a dark voice above him say " I told you so."

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