Liberty and Death part 2
Liberty and Death part 2 liberty stories
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In the final stretch of challenges, the survivors become desperate.

Liberty and Death part 2

The hallways got darker and darker for the four survivors. Finally they each reached a door. Opening it they were blinded by bright lights.

As they adjusted to the light it became very clear that they were each in the corner of a maze.

Todd was the first to notice this was no ordinary maze. The walls were moving around. And there were spikes on the sides of the moving pieces.

If you weren't careful, the spikes might ram you, or worse, if you tried moving between two closing walls they might impale you. He was the first one to step into the maze.

Ashley went next, moving cautiously but quickly. She soon discovered there were more than just spikes. As she stepped past a laser sensor, a guillotine swung down.

She dropped to the floor, the blade barely missing her back.

Christin was hastily dodging traps. She intended to be the first one there. Liberty had another idea.

He triggered a guillotine on purpose and waited for it to pass, then jumped on the side of it.

He shimmied his way up the trap, then jumped off onto the wall. He could see the center from here. But everyone was almost there!

He began leaping wall to wall.

Todd saw him on top of the maze and began rushing. Ashley took notice too. She could see the center! The walls she was headed for began to close, and she dove.

The spikes cut her leg as she made it in, and she was left there holding her injury.

Tom took a shoe off and threw it at Liberty, knocking him down flat. They were the same distance away now. Christin ran into the center a moment later. She was panting.

"Shouldn't those two be dead now that we made it?"

Ashley thought for a moment. "No. No that's not right. We weren't told how many would die, which means... Noone has to." Todd made it in just as Ashley said this. Christin looked angry.

"Only two of us get to LIVE, REMEMBER?" She shouted. "The longer those two live the more horrors we have to go through!" She shoved Todd backwards towards a closing wall.

He fell over and stood up just as it was closing, but failed to notice what was happening. "What the hell was..." The sheer force of the wall crushing his body popped him like a balloon.

Blood went in every direction.

Ashley wanted to be horrified but she couldn't feel any pity. Todd was a horrible person. He probably deserved it too. "Finally. Now we can go..."

"I don't think so," Said a bloodied Liberty. He was missing a leg that had gotten sliced off by a trap.

Luckily for him it was already growing back. "One more of us has to die."

"That's right. And Ashley gets to pick who!" Jigsaw announced as a sleeping gas filled the maze. One by one they fell to the ground, unable to resist the gas.

"This next piece should be interesting." John said. He dragged their bodies to the last room one by one to prepare the last test.

Ashley awoke to the sound of muffled shouts. She got up groggily from the floor. Her hand touched something as she got up. It was a gun..

She sat up fully as two spotlights shone down on some chairs. In them sat Liberty and Christin, tied up and gagged. Ashley ungagged Christin.

"Welcome to the final test! You've done well to make it this far. As you can see I've given Ashley a gun with ONE BULLET." Jigsaw appeared through projectors on every wall.

"I might also mention I have injected Liberty with a special drug to numb his.... Abilities. You have three options Ashley. Kill the serial killer and set you and Christin free.

Kill Christin and you and Liberty go free. Or play the hero and let yourself die."

"That son of a ***** beheaded my brother!" Christin shouted. "This is our chance!" Ashley nodded. She untied Liberty and aimed the gun at him. "AGAINST THE WALL NOW!" She demanded.

Liberty stood against the wall, back towards Ashley. "Christin. Close your eyes. You've seen enough bloodshed today." The gun clicked, and a shot rang out.

John Kramer walked toward the room. It was time to see who was left. To his surprise, noone in the room was alive... The only person in the room was the corpse of Christin.

And an open air vent on the ceiling.

Liberty helped Ashley down outside the control room. "I get it now Liberty. Killing isn't for revenge. There is no purpose. We kill because we like it."

He nodded silently. "We can't leave until we've killed him can we?" The killer nodded again. "We have to show him what REAL killers can do." Liberty said.

With that they entered the control room. They locked the door behind John Kramer and opened a secret panel in his room.

"Hey Jigsaw!" Ashley said with an evil grin as gas poured out of the panel.

"Let's play a game."

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