Eggs (Book Parody)
Eggs (Book Parody) 100masks stories
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Dedicated to Dr. Seuss

Eggs (Book Parody)

I wish that Sam would go away,

He bothers me most every day!

He says to try Green Eggs and Ham,

Oh how I HATE that wretched Sam!

It's just not right that they're that green,

I feel that they aren't what they seem

I try to run, I try to hide,

Get on the train, but Sam's inside!

For goodness sakes Sam stop this quest,

Why must you be a wicked pest?!

Tell me please what can I do,

To forever be rid of you!!?

Just one bite that's all it takes?

I'll do it to give you the shake,

What do you mean a big mistake?

And why now does my stomach ache???

My God Sam what have you done!

You've killed us all one by one,

These poisoned eggs and poisoned meat!

You've given to everyone on the street!

I'll kill for this I swear I will!

You will not get the final thrill!

I'll choke the life straight from your breath,

The deed is done, now I feel death.

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