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09galazyfox a yee yee, am i weird? YES!!
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By 09galazyfox

my life

by 09galazyfox

I was born in Greer South Carolina

I lived whith my dad and biological mother my half brother and half sister

Then... our house burnt down.

So we moved to alabama whitch was closer to my dads side of the family.

We lived there to gether until i was 3 then it all stated to collape

my mother (jenifer) started drinking and doing drugs.

my dad (mike) and jenifer alrguied a lot.

sometimes in front of me my brother (justen) and sister (serina)

My dad left my mom and moved to Columbia South carolina

i lived with jenifer for half a year then i moved to live with my dad my sister when to live with her dad and my brother to his aunts house. and later ran away and live withh a friend untill he was 18. then moved somewere by himself.

my sis endened up in a home for other kids... My mom in jail

i hope...?

Now when i was almost 5 i moved to live with my dad! I lived with him his friend sean that is like my uncle and seans dog kia. shes so sweet but geting old.

We lived there until i was in second grade. Then we moved to a house next to my best friend who is still one of them today.

My dad fell in love and got ingaged and i live with my step mom my step sister my dad my puppy and my bird sue.

now lifes great!

i have lots of friends a loving family and a guy somewere for me.

mabey ill meet him one day mabey not

who knows?

but until then i ll love myself.

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