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09galazyfox a yee yee, am i weird? YES!!
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im a queen and i slay

im a queen

i slay dont care what yall say

yall bitches can shut your moths cause ima be me.

i want to do what i want and be who i am

am i wierd yess....

am i wierd yess.... am i koocky of cores...

am i wierd yess.... am i koock of corses... am i popular HELL no im not and i love it

and i will never be and i like it that way

i like my self my friends and my thoughts im not a phsico im not depressed and im not a moster who cares if i support L.G.P.T.Q+ who cares if i like a black person and im white cause i sure dont and im tired of these bitches sayin im doing my life wrong!!!

anyways if you dont suppoert me or the L.G.B.T.Q+ commity than leave i will gladly let you heres an inventation to do so

bye bitch (and bye to the people who do support me i love you guys)

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