The girl.
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04h27 Words of my twisted mind.
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To my soulmate

The girl.

by 04h27

I would like to tell you the story

About this girl I've never met

But I wish I did

Oh God I swear, I did

I wrote her so many letters

And she wrote me so many responses

With her heart in it

That I fell in love

I fell in love with her soul, I fell in love with her words

But never with her beauty

If it wasn't her inner one

But hey guys, I swear I love my man

But that girl

She's my soulmate

And sunshine

And moon

And probably

The love of my life

Because of every words she wrote

And every thought I've been in

I've understood every tears hidden under the lines

And the day I'll meet her

Will be the response for all of my ills.

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