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04h27 Words of my twisted mind.
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To someone I know


by 04h27

I thought I could trust you

I just needed a friend

And for a while you were the best

I didn't wanted a lover

Neither a bro

Or maybe just for some times

I needed someone that would support me

Exactly the way I did when you needed me

I needed someone I could talk to when I felt bad

To bring me joy

And I thought it could last

Maybe not for ever

But at least a little bit longer than this

And I still don't know why you left me

Because we were pretty good together

Do you remember ?

Now I feel like I don't worth a look

Or a text

Or anything.

You know today is my birthday

And I hope you will text me

Even if I know you won't

But you were the person I was counting on

To go partying so hard with me

That we couldn't remember our own name

And now it's only me

And, yes, my boyfriend is here too

But you were the guy I wanted to party with

To celebrate that day

And every other day

I wish you were here

As the same person as you were this winter.

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