Dear Lover
Dear Lover love stories

04h27 Words of my twisted mind.
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Short story for lovers.

Dear Lover

by 04h27

I know you are afraid sometimes.

I know that you imagine that there is others.

I know that you silently think

That you're no longer in my head, when you're not around.

That my heart doesn't belong in your hands anymore.

But this isn't true !

I want to scream so loud for you to know

That you are the only one, that you owned my heart

Since the first time you loved me.

That the world doesn't shine the same way

Without you by my side.

That the only water in which I bathe

Is the one of your eyes.

And I know you are scared

Because you can't see how much you are marvelous.

But the point is

No one could ever makes me happier

Than you do.

And because I love you with all my soul

There is not any other place for me to be.

You are my only home.

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