Dear Lover #2
Dear Lover #2 stories

04h27Words of my twisted mind.
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Letter to my lover. Again.

Dear Lover #2

by 04h27

They are attractive words.

We can say what we want with attractive words.

And I could spend whole nights to tell you

All the beautiful things I like about you.

In the dark, under the sky

There's so much more to say and all that I already told you.

I've already told you

That I liked your hands,

And there is no foundation in that.

I've already told you

That I liked your eyes,

Even more under Paris' lights and the vapor of alcohol.

I've already told you

That I was madly in love with your laughter

When it is without restraint.

But I haven't told you

How much the way your smile forms on your lips fascinates me

And how your straight and solid posture reassures me.

And also how much to listen to your breath at night calms me

As to tell me that you are always there.

And the furrows that your veins on your forearm draw.

And the sweetness of your neck skin when I kiss it.

But the night isn't long enough to tell you

All those pretty things which emanate from you,

Nor the hundred other nights coming.

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