Absurd stories

04h27Words of my twisted mind.
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This is how much your life is absurd, sorry.


by 04h27

Rivers under bridges

Rainy drops in beer glasses


The table under the poplar

The empty chair

The empty hands

At your birthday

Birds under the ceiling light

The wine stain on the wallpaper

Clouds in the gardens of Paris

Tears under our torn T-shirts

By not deliberate choices

And difficult children

The key under the carpet

We smoke the doormat

Sleepwalker of dawn

For an awakening in the twilight

Between two chairs the bottom

And some have more chance than others

Two feet in the shit

Especially the left one

And you are too clumsy

But young people don't real like studies anymore

Socially disadvantaged persons

Streets swarming of people

A multicultural country

The multiple colors

Tulips in grandma's garden

Amsterdam obviously

Blunts under our lips

Kids who snap fingers

The boy who whistles in Malagasy

There are sometimes exotic birds

They come and they leave

It's absurd

It's absurd

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