The Nightmares of my Imagination
The Nightmares of my Imagination stories

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We all have an imagination right? Some crazier than others... but mine is wild. Read to know why.

The Nightmares of my Imagination

By: Starlight Rose We all have an imagination right? Some crazier than others... but mine is wild. Read on to know why.

This is a story to let everyone know why I'm scared of the dark,

Why I don't like being alone in a dark place,

Why I'm afraid for my life every night, and

Why I'm afraid of making friends with people.

There is a number of reasons why I'm afraid of things people think children are afraid of but truth is myself... I can scar a grown man by making my voice deeper. To me, the reason I'm still scared of these things is because I keep trying to stop! But I just can't no matter what I try. It feels like I'm falling into

I'm not that scared of the dark... I'm scared of what lurks in it. At the time darkness comes I feel like I can see something in it or hear something. So I wear a fuzzy blanket over my head so I can (hopefully) see what I want. Sometimes it doesn't work and I start worrying about if someone's going to sneak into our house and bury me alive!! I know it sounds crazy but that's my imagination

for you!!

Think of it like this... you just watched a horror video of a dozen eyes looking at a youtuber videotaping while you can hear his rapped breath panting. You watch him videotaping hands coming out of the ceiling and they start coming out of the walls around him baby hands come out from the cracks where the floor meets the wall, and you watch as the

camera faces a now huge stack of hands and arms as the last thing you see in the video is a blurred face with blue eyes and hands for the rest of the body. The video cuts short and it blacks out. I watched a video similar to that but minus the hundred eyes I started out with.

Tell me who isn't afraid of the end of the world or their life for that matter. I'm afraid of how it will end for me. Will I die in vain or will I die with purpose?

The reason I'm afraid of making friends with people is because I don't want to be the one who's standing out with the "Hot shots" if I may? I mean the popular girls if you didn't get it. I'm afraid of making people look bad when I'm around, I'm afraid of being on the wrong side of my life. Comment #Ifeelyou If you understand how it feels.

For watching 'till the end

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