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The one where you fall in love in one night


Paris. 4:44am.

– Why is this room so hot?

I asked as i watched the way you move around the bedroom looking for your lighter.

Sweet, confident like you couldn’t care less about what other people think of you, like you have never had your heart broken – you probably hadn’t, who would say no to you?

And i mean it, it’s way too hot in here, it’s all so intense.

The smell of your cologne mixed with the smell of your cigars, the way the street lights reflect on your face and make you look oh so heavenly, the feeling of the cold floor under my warm body,

the sound of your favourite song playing (and your voice singing along, i could listen to it forever).

I don’t know how we got here. Maybe destiny. The universe is always looking for our highest good right? I like to think that you were made for me.

And you keep talking and talking about your favourite everything – how much you love the doors and how much you love films,

your favourite food and what you like to drink everyday (i hope i’m your favourite person because you’re mine).

You’re just talking so fast about everything and nothing in particular. Should i say something? Should i answer? I can’t even focus.

I have never heard anything as sweet as your voice; that’s my favourite sound. You’re not moving now. You’re laying on the floor next to me and it’s so much better.

The soft touch of your thumb rubbing my hand, your soft breathing on my neck, how warm i feel with your body next to mine.

– what would you do if this was your last day on earth?

– run.

– where would you run to?

– i wouldn’t have a destination, i would just run until it’s over. it would keep my mind from thinking that this would all be over in some hours.

i would just run and run and run until i stop existing.

– i wouldn’t want to be alone. what a sad way to end everything, alone. i would like to spend the entire day like we’re spending this night. Intoxicated, in love, happy.

– i would like for you to be running next to me.

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