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I’ve spent a big part of my life watching movies about love. Dreaming about that kind of love. Imagining what it would be if I was the leading character.

What if life was that easy?

You’re just walking down the street thinking “I’m having such a bad day, it couldn’t get any worse”

and all of the sudden someone bumps into you and spills their coffee on your brand new favourite shirt. “Well it just did” you think.

That is until you look up and see the other person. Their eyes. How they’re brighter then the sun. Their cheeks. How flushed they are with embarrassment. Their mouth.

How the corner of their mouth is turning to give you a shy, beautiful smile. Their hair. How it’s so messy (just like your mind and heart at that moment) because of the soft wind.

And that’s all you can focuse on at that very moment and you know right there and then that’s a moment you’ll never be able to forget.

You’ll remember the smell of coffee spilled on the street mixed with the smell of rain.

You’ll remember the hot feeling on your skin not because of the burning hot coffee that was just spilled on you, but because of that brief moment when your bodies touched.

You’ll remember the words “I am so sorry, I am so sorry”. And most of all you’ll remember the sweet sound of their laughter when you finally manage to say that’s okay.

It’s almost as sweet as the sound of “i love you” said on a cold night while you’re laying outside (because even if the weather is cold you always feel so warm around them) listening to

nothing but your hearbeat, your heart is beating so fast you’re almost scared it will jump from your chest (you’ll eventually get used to it, that’s how you feel everytime you’re together).

You can feel everything. The wet grass under your body. The little ants on your barefoot. The wind on your cold cold nose. The soft touch of their thumb on your hand. Their eyes on you.

The need, the absolute need of kiss them. Their lips, cold and soft as you kiss. The calm, love, security their kiss brings you.

And then your heart starts beating even faster and you think you could die. You would die happy though.


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