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PT 3!


Oh great, last week of school and I'm getting called by Draco Malfoy's bus boys.I swivel to look, give them a glare but minding their own business, screwing up potions as usual.

That's odd, I thought for sure they wrote the note.

"Ah, yes, you get called over by the hot one." Emeelie whispers.

"What? No! I don't find him the least bit cute!" I whisper back forcefully.

After Potions is over, I walk up to the Hufflepuff Common room.

"So, I heard you got a note from Draco's goons!" My brother calls from across the room, walking over to tease me no doubt.

"Yeah, so?" I say, walking over to meet him.

"So, he's one of the richest people out there!" He exclaims.

"Fine, I'll meet him." I said rolling my eyes.

Cedric raises a fist in victory. Then he looks into my eyes and shoves me out the door of the common room.

I walk into the hallway of the Slytherin Common Room. There, I see Draco Malfoy, leaning on the wall in wait, a look of aloofness painted on his face.

"Oi! What'd you want?" I holler.

Malfoy turns to look at me.

"I want... lets see here..." he trails off bracing his solder against the wall as a sign of dominance.

"Just answer idiot."I say, hearing the impatience laced into my voice.

"Well, I've heard you're good friends with the Potter boy."

"I'm not! He-"

PT. 4 will be out Thursday! Quick edit: my friend got a Commaful account, her name is naimkawri3ts. I would appreciate if you followed her.

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