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We Bare Bears Personality Quiz!

We Bare Bears Quiz!

Do you like We Bare Bears? Warning might now be 100 percent accurate! Keep track of what letter you choose! For example if you pick A on a question write it down!

Then take this quiz to see if you are



Or Ice Bear!

Question 1: How much do you refer to yourself in third person?

(A. Never) (B. Once A Month) (C. Every Day)

Question 2: If you had superpowers ans could survive in any environment what would you choose?

(A. The Woods Filled With Common Forest Animals At A Normal 70 Fahrenheit Temperature)

(B. A Bamboo Forest With Damp Heat And Multiple Plants And Quiet Hours)

(C. A Tundra With Wind And Under 0 Fahrenheit Temperature And Mostly Empty In Life)

Question 3: Which Of These Lists Of Hobbies Would You Enjoy?

(A. Exploring, Watching And Making Action Movies, Having Fun With Your Family)

(B. Spending Time On Social Media, Meeting New People, Making Art)

(C. Karate, Cooking, Having Alone Time, Taking Care Of Your Family, Ice Skating)

Question 4: Which Of These Foods Sound The Most Delicious?

(A. Burritos) (B. Chocolate) (C. Sushi)

Question 5: Which One Of These Lists Mostly Describe You?

(A. Bubbly, Hyperactive, Loud, Talkative, A Leader, Optimistic, Gluttonous)

(B. Neurotic, Artistic, A Drama Queen, Gentle, Jumpy, Insecure, Frail)

(C. Distant, Emotionless, Monotone, Acerbic, Observant)

Time for results!

If you got mostly A's you are...


If you got mostly B's you are...


And if you got mostly C's you are...

Ice Bear!

When I took this quiz I got panda tell me in the comments who you got! I hope you enjoyed!

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