The Roof Of Crows
The Roof Of Crows horror stories

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A scary horror poem!

The Roof Of Crows

I warned everyone

But they did not care at all

So I was done

Let them fall

I said "Do not go to the roof!"

They said I was a wimp

And soon enough they went up for proof

And my whole body went limp

They climb the attic stairs

And then out the window

I guess it is fair

That they are pecked to death by the crows

They stomp upon the bricks

Up above so high

I could say I am a critic

Because oh they were about to fly

The crow would sink its claws into their shoulders

As they let out a scream

Rocks pelt at them like boulders

For their lives they will not redeem

As they are carried across the world

With a blood path behind

There dropped into the backyard as there corpse is unfurled

I warned them and I was kind

But I guess those dead souls were just blind

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