The Murders Of The 6
The Murders Of  The 6 horror stories

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A murderer brutally kills Flora, Aaron, Sarah, Jonathan, Noah, and Rosanna!

The Murders Of The 6

It was a simple afternoon with the damp heat being thrown at our faces at the hot summer stretched upon the day.

I was playing a board game on the soft grass that swayed side to side from the warm breezes.

I was 22 and had moved to a small house way out in the country with my 5 friends, Sarah, Noah, Aaron, Flora, and Jonathan.

We had always dreamed of living together and here we were hanging out peacefully in the damp heat.

But trust me it was not to hot to not be enjoyable I think it would just be an average hot day with the sun giving us its warmth. I sighed.

I was playing Candy Land with Sarah and so far she was in the lead. It was not a strategy game but it was pretty fun.

Aaron and Jonathan were at a fast food place, Flora was at the mall shopping, and Noah was inside reading. Usually a normal day.

But the best part was at night all of us would huddle on the couch together too watch some television. That always enlightened everyone's mood no matter how bad their day was.

So the clock ticked on as the sun traveled through the sky.

It was now night, a starry beautiful night. Everyone was here... except for Flora. Where could she be? I was concerned for she is never late no matter what.

Jonathan, Aaron, and Sarah and I were all on the orange sofa waiting for Flora to return home. Now I was frightened not knowing if she was okay or not.

I decided to call her with the house phone hoping she would respond. The phone ringed until a woman I did not recognize answered, and she sounded really upset.

"Hello are you family to a curly orange hair woman?"

"No I am her best friend? Why? Is something wrong?"

"I am so sorry sweetie some crazed killer ran over her with a jeep and she died of blood drainage. She has been taken to a graveyard and has been buried.

" I hesitated blank eyed and hung up the phone. Flora was dead? I stared into the open room with nothing but tears in my eyes.

Jonathan came into the room clearly seeing my speechless yet horrified expression. "What happened to Flora?" I broke out of my mindless trance and turned to Jonathan.

I did not want to say how she died but I could not lie. "Flora is dead... there has already been a funeral." Jonathan looked at me and I already knew what he was going too say.

"How did she die?" I sighed sadly not wanting to answer but I could not just ignore him so I responded. "She was ran over by a lunatic.

" Jonathan stepped closer to me and hugged my firmly not letting go. "I am so sorry Rosanna." Tears trickled down my eyes, but suddenly Jonathan pulled back from the hug.

"Wait Noah went out to look for Flora in the exact place she died which was near the mall! If the lunatic is still there Noah could be in danger!

" I did not even stop to think when I ran to the bright red door and started turning the iron handle to open the door.

"Aaron and Sarah stay here! Jonathan come with me!" Me and Jonathan ran out the door as fast as we could to my black Volvo and we plunged in with me already starting up the car.

I did not go over the speed limit but I was going the maximum with sweaty hands and a melting heart hoping that Noah was okay.

We arrived near the mall and my eyes swiftly scanned the scene looking for any trace of Noah. Suddenly there was a banging on the side window in the back of the car.

Me and Jonathan screamed as pain struck up my spine. My eyes dart to the back of the car window in fear only to see Noah. He had his normal brown face and short black hair. "Oh its just Noah.

" I sighed out in relief and opened the car door." I ran up to Noah and hugged him as tight as I could. "Noah are you okay?" Noah looked depressed and did not hug me back. "I know about Flora.

" I took all of the worry out of my emotions and went back to being sad about Flora.

"Well Flora would probably want us to have our movie night and then we can get some flowers and visit her grave if you want.

" Noah nodded and climbed in a back seat as I went back to the drivers seat and as I turned to face the front window on top of it was a man with a bag over his face with

a black smiley face painted on top. "OH MY GOD!!!" I screeched the car backward from the reverse lever. The man had a knife with blood dripping on to the road.

"Rosanna that's probably the lunatic we need to call the police!!!"

"I know John but the phone is back at the house we are going to have to make a drive for it!!!

" I turned the car as fast as I could and even though I was breaking the law by going 80 miles per hour on a 50 mile per hour road if it meant surviving I would do anything.

I pulled into the driveway quickly and immediately ripped the key out of the car and yanked the door open. I looked across the road and there was the murderer still as ever.



" But I had no time to lose I pulled Jonathan and Noah's hands toward the house hoping to find Sarah and Aaron safe inside, but as I opened the door the murderer in some way,

teleported inside the house with the bloody knife dripping onto Sarah and Aaron's corpses. "YOU MONSTER!!!" Jonathan ripped his hand from my grasp. "Jonathan stop!!!" But it was too late.

A scream filled the night as the knife pierced through Jonathan's chest as he collapsed to the floor. It was now only me and Aaron.

As me and Aaron stepped back the murderer dissapeared right before our eyes and I could then feel the cold breath of something breathing against my neck.

Aaron then screamed out in pain as he dived into the cold concrete dead.

I squinted my eyes closed as I slowly turned around to open my eyes to a knife right to my forehead as it sank its way into my flesh I screamed out hoping someone would hear me but

before I knew it I gave out my last breath of life.

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