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A Texting Story That Ends Weird!

The Final Text

Unknown: Hi can we be friends? Me: Excuse me who is this and why are you texting me its 3:00 in the morning! Unknown: So are you saying that you dont want to be friends? Me: No its just maybe you could tell me who you are and pick a better time to text

Unknown: YOU DONT WANT TO BE FRIENDS?! Me: Dude calm down! Caps arent nice and for the last time I dont care if we are friends just tell me who you are and maybe the next time you text dont make it 3:00 in the morning! Unknown: ... Unknown has left the text

Me: Hopefully they dont come back well I better go to sleep! Friend has joined the text Me: Omg why is everyone joining this text? Friend: Hello friend!

Me: Wait are you the same person from before? Friend: Who cares we are FRIENDS now! Me: Why did you put friends in caps? Friend: BECAUSE WE ARE FRIENDS RIGHT?!

Me: Seriously stop texting me you are scaring me half to death! Friend: WHAT DO YOU NOT LIKE MY TEXTING STYLE?! FRIEND?! Me: Stop you lunatic! Friend murdered Lora through the phone.

Text messages were deleted by Friend Chat was deleted by Friend

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