The Deep Blue
The Deep Blue horror stories

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Another horror poem like the roof of crows!

The Deep Blue

We climb inside the submarine that is yellow

I am sure one lucky fellow

As we started to drive

That is when we dive

Into the deep blue

My friend asks "how are you?"

I say that "I am quite fine."

then the submarine driver started drinking wine

then the ship rumbled

and the drivers corpse crumbled

as everyone but me was dead

the blood was red

the walls would drip

as the submarine burned to a crisp

I put on my suit and went out

Then when everything was black just about

There was a growl

That is when the beast started to prowl

Up to my level

For the beast looked like the devil

It clawed at me

It bit

I looked at it to see

For the death in me lit

I started to fade from the world

For the bloody truth inside me unfurled

For here were the deaths in the deep blue

One day a victim could be you

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