The Basement
The Basement horrorpoetry stories

00051370 I am evil and kind
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Down the steps Into the dark abyss

The Basement

Down the steps

Into the dark abyss

My fate I shall accept

For in my hands is a list

Full of different items

These things I will retrieve

As long as the monsters wont say bitem

My fears will not decieve

The ashes fill the air

I am in the basement

From the darkness monsters stare

Happiness cannot be a replacement

As I grab the stuff I hear a sound

Coming from behind

And to my horror that is when I found

A monster is what I find

It sinks its claws into my skin

As I release a shrill scream

It throws me inside a bin

Full of bloody cream

I am in the basement

That is where I die

When you find the basement

Know that is where I lie

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