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Emotional and very very long

My Life

Year 1: When I was born I had millions of bruises and I kicked the doctor right in the face! That showed him a lesson for holding me...

Year 3: Funny Story: When I was 3 my mom was very protective of me. One day I was on kids Netflix on my tablet looking for something to watch and I find a scary kids show called Goosebumps (I have read all of the books check them out) and my mom is on the phone but I do not really care since I am a baby. Anyway I go up to her

and say "Mommy can I watch this?" She says yes to the person on the phone! I thought she was saying yes to me so I go on the couch and start watching this mummy episode then when she is done on the phone she hears SCREAMING coming from my tablet lol. She immediately is like "NO NO NO NO NO." That is how I became obsessed with horror lol.

I was a nerd at this time and I still am so I begged my parents to go to preschool cause I wanted to learn really bad. So I went to preschool. They had this little treasure chest of goodies that if you were good the whole day you would get something inside it #IWasOnlyGoodForOneDay AndIGotATootsieRoll lol

Year 5: I am literally in kindergarten and I kiss a boy... on the lips. But technically he kissed me on the cheek first during brain break :/ Then he moves away and I am still heart broken about that. At recess we girls and boys sorted the days. 5 days of the

week boys would get to chase the girls and pretend to be vampires. (I always went on the bars and cried) the other 4 days the girls would destroy the boys by chasing them and singing let it go. #HILARIOUS At the beginning of kindergarten I became best friends with a girl named Serenity. SHE WAS AMAZING! I loved her so much. (you hear

more about her later in the draw my life) so yeah I was actually considered a popular person.

Year 6, 7, and 8: My sister ate a flower. But that is not important right now the reason I am doing all 3 of these years is because the same thing happens for all of them. I AM ALOOOOONE! It is really sad, there is this lonely bench and I sat on it every time it was recess and no one even said hi. It is very cruel. Sometimes I would watch the kids play

soccer and I would cheer on this boy named Sammy. I considered him as a best friend even though we never hung out. Also I got very involved in chess but of course SAMMY beat me every time. But I was better than everyone except him even the teacher. I was very depressed since I literally had no friends. I took dance lessons, now if I do

the splits I will break every bone in my body. Again not important but just a catch. I did have one person I said hi too every day (she was a bird) her name was tweety! I would say tweet tweet every time I came in the school or left and she would respond! But then one day she accidentally got into the school... birds can not see glass! (WARNING: This is very sad) she kept on banging on the

glass until she falls to the ground dead. THEN THEY JUST SWEEP HER OUT OF THE BUILDING!!! Kids life is cruel. Funny Story: In third grade I was eating lunch with Alex, Jessica, and Allison. I am sitting next to Jessica and when I finish my slurp of chocolate milk I put it near Jessica. She finishes a little of her milk and

puts it near me. Than we drink each others milk and someone says "you guys drank each others milk." Guess what happens next? We spit the milk out on everyone's food. It was not pretty. Actually before I met Allison I was very jealous of her.

Year 9: This may take a while. Well first of all I got OBSESSED and I mean OBSESSED with Star Wars! I JUST LOVE IT!!! I call this my PG-13 stage because I started watching a bunch of PG-13 stuff. I do not know why but when I was 9 and I still find it funny when little kids say curse

words. I don't know its just funny. Also me and my family went on a round the world trip and saw a bunch of famous things, Eiffel Tower, Monalisa, and Statue Of Liberty. We also went to where they filmed Harry Potter and drank butter beer! (I think the top is melted marshmallows) I also started to love soccer and

I still love it! (In my personal opinion this was the best year of my life) I took tap and met the friend of my life and her name was Rebecca. Yeah we are best friends still. Funny Story: We went to a cabin by a lake in summer. When I was on my phone I

heard a scurrying sound by the night stand so I go to the kitchen and ask my mom to check it out. When my mom goes over to the night stand... KA POW!!! A baby lizard jumps on her face.

Year 10: Funny Story: I went to Carowinds and decided too ride a very scary ride. On the ride the whole time I was screaming at the top of my lungs "I'M GONNA DIEEEEEE!!!!!" lol I started really getting into writing stories and I am going to publish my first one (Under

The Wall) very soon!!! YAY! My mom told me about a show called doctor who (the new one but I am getting the old one for my b-day) and I LOVE IT I WATCHED EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! I thought the scariest episode was when people turn into the Ood. My mom says the scariest episode is Blink. If you have watched it what do you think? Say in the

comments! I have continued to do soccer and then I met someone that changed my life and made me very happy and her name is Asyia! I also met Payton since she is in my 5th grade class and she is really awesome too! Well that is pretty much my whole life so far. When I turn 12 I will tell you about my

adventures as an 11 year old! If you guys have any life stories I would love to hear them!

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