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A short story based off of Harold from Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark! I hope you enjoy my version of this story!


I breathed out, the smoke of winter coming out of my mouth only to evaporate into the chilly night. It was cold, cold, very very cold. Sometimes I try to breathe but I cant.

I was a farmer, but I was alone, I did not even have an animal as far as the eye could see all the way to the line of the horizon where the flaming stars arise into the darkness.

I was outside, what was the reason for being inside, no one is safe either way, might as well freeze to death I thought.

Suddenly an idea sparked in my head and it then trickled down to my very words "A scarecrow.

" For now my crops will be better protected from the deadly cold and crows for it will be terrifying and complete to scare the wind itself away. So I went to work.

I took the hay straws the ends shoving needles through my fingertips as I out the hay in a personalized shaped hay sack. The sharp, piercing hay was in now to add the details.

A grimacing smile made of black stitched cotton, and to eyes made of dark black coal. For even me looking at this new creation made me want to die at its hands.

The scarecrow wore leather gloves that cause a rash to anyone who dared take them off, a plaid shirt with the colors of blood red and dark death,

finally long pants made of poison ivy weaved into it. It was hideous! Dreadful! "I love it...

finally no more cold nights of being alone for another creature of my own will walk these fields of corn and scream out in terror!" I laughed. This was better than anything any one could do.

His name was Harold...

The days went by and nothing happened for Harold would be hung from a stick to scare anything that dared even look at this farm. But as I delightfully watched Harold he twitched.

I jumped back startled as fear pumped up my veins. "Oh my gosh!" Goosebumps ran up my spine onto my arms and legs as my eyes went blank staring at the scarecrow.

Was I hallucinating? Or had I seen Harold twitch? It was impossible! Or was it? I was petrified as I slowly started stepping down my porch toward Harold.

No matter how scared I was I was curious indeed and needed to know what had happened. As I approached Harold my heart started to ache and my brain screamed at me in my thoughts.

DONT! DONT! DONT!!!!! But I ignored myself and touched the scarecrow on the shoulder. Then

Harold's shoulder twitched.

I screamed and turned to run in the other direction as fast as my legs could carry me but something stopped me, something that made me stop screaming, something that killed me inside.

A hand was clutching my shoulder. I was too scared too turn so I squinted my eyes shut hoping that I would wake up from this horrible nightmare.

But when I opened my eyes I was turned to face the scarecrow holding a knife to my chest...

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