Dino Diary (Blue)
Dino Diary (Blue) bluevelociraptor stories
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00051370 I am a good evil friend
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Dino Diary (Blue)

Hi! My name is Blue. For real I am at a toy store right now. People say I am a dinosaur but I am pretty positive that they genetically engineered me as a toy... but who cares?! ROAR!!! Anyway, I sneaked into the store manager's office so I could type all of this dino diary down. I don't know it just makes me feel secure. Also

why do I keep hearing the word Chris Pratt everywhere I go?! IT IS SO ANNOYING!!! Anyway that is all I have to say about my personal info but I do have one more thing to say. DID YOU HEAR THAT CHARLIE DIED IN THAT MOVIE!!! I had a crush on that girl and then they just kill her!!! Rude... okay I am done! Bye!

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