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I promise this is not based on a true story. Its a fictional character that I made for the facing reality contest. Enjoy!


It was the day! I was moving away!

I did not even say bye I did not say I love you

All my life has been a lie So now its to

College To get a bunch of knowledge

I arrived The walls full of bricks

This was the day that I would thrive In a cool way this place looked sick

Maybe haunted Maybe cursed

But I did not care if I was taunted It could be much much worse

I was going to face reality I was gonna get 200 degrees

But suddenly guilt came up my spine It almost made me want to whine

What was this feeling? What was this dealing?

Suddenly I knew What I had to do

I continued to drive But this time away

Away from where I thrive Away from the day

When I was home I smiled

I had not respected my tone For all of those miles

I hugged my parents Very tight

Reality was now apparent This was right

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