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These are not really true but still funny

100 Likes Celebration

I kind of wished it was a 100 followers celebration but WHO CARES!!! I just realized that 100 PEOPLE LIKED FUNNY DARK JOKES PART 5!!!! WOO HOO! Hopefully they liked the other parts :/ anyway for this celebration I decided to do some fun QandA also feel free to say your opinions on this in the comments! Even though I am very lonely and pretty much half of the time no one

comments :/ okay enough negative stuff let´s do this!

My deepest darkest secret?

My deepest darkest secret? I used to have a crush on a video game character.

What is my darkest fear?

What is my darkest fear? People who don't like cheeseburgers.

My dream pet?

My dream pet? A unicorn with a gigantic nose.

My favorite dark joke?

My favorite dark joke? The two hunters.

Scariest thing I ever watched?

Scariest thing I ever watched? Barbie Dreamhouse.

Hope you enjoyed! If I get at least ten followers I AM GONNA FLIP OUT!!!! I have literally almost no one in this world as you see in the story I made My Life so yeah it is a huge deal! WELL BYE!

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