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infiresman7 Bronze Comma Community member

Bogoshipda "I miss you" (TXT Beomgyu) Didn't Last

"Congratulations!" the guy exclaimed to Yunga.

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noogle Gifted Writer wattpad is my religion|Star Wars fan >:)

šƒš‘š€š‚šŽ šŒš€š‹š…šŽš˜

į“„į“€ŹŸŹŸÉŖÉ“É¢ į“€ŹŸŹŸ į“…Ź€į“€į“„į“ źœ±ÉŖį“į“˜źœ± šŸ‘€

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sophi Commaful Star ARMY/BTS

[desert sunset]

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bangtanology hey, welcome to my page

Loving The APLHA [BTS Werewolf Taekook/ VKook faniction] by <@bangtanology

Taekook ~ Vkook , fanfiction top taehyung bottom jungkook Jeon Jungkook , has been studying in an rich boarding , The Taeyong Empire , since he was kid , becuase his parents were never really at h...

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artizi Gifted Writer Every story creates a brand new universe

I remember

Kate's thoughts about her feelings for Richard and his declaration of love. She remembers; it's just easier to pretend she doesn't.

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mzjazmine hey, just a writer/human here

His Cure

It was a very scary creature with brown claws, and huge fangs and bright eyes with blood dripping from his face. I screamed and ran. But it was faster than me and caught up with me and I started s...

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