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alyssaye Here shall be Star Wars fanfiction

A Year’s Time: Chapter 1

Han Solo awakens to find himself in the midst of Jabba's, now burned down, Palace. He's been frozen in carbonite for the past year. A lot of things can take place in a year's time, and oh how things h...

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queerestheere yes, i'm a boy who writes fanfiction...

The Boy In The Garden (Phan)- Part One

(Highschool AU) Dan Howell and Phil Lester had nothing in common. But when the two of them end up working together in the abandoned school garden, will friendship- or something more- develop between t...

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alisasapphire2 Writer, Artist, Animator, Fandomer

I Think I Need a Little Change

Rocker Danny Au. I may make art later. Do you guys want more? cause there is more and i can post it here if you want. But only if i have enough people.

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lira_layne R-18 content for FGO/BNHA/Final Fantasy

Chapter 1: The Huntsman It was easy for Dabi to lose track of time as he sat cross-legged on his...

What would you do to save the person you love. Would you go to any lengths to protect them even if it meant putting yourself in harm's way? Dabi never had to ask himself that question. At the age of...

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