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Comma Creator of the Week: Tell us your story. Story Contest

We are relaunching the Commaful Creator of the Week. Each week, we will run a contest with a prompt and honor the winners as the creator of the week! This week's prompt: We would love to get to know all the wonderful, and inspiring writers on Commaful. Tell us about your Commaful experience, how people responded to your posts and how you were able to encourage others.

February 19th 2017, 12:00 am ~ February 24th 2017, 11:59 pm (your time zone)


Talk about your Commaful experience! There are no limits! You can express this through poetry, story, dialogue or any style you like!


Last day to submit for this week is Friday! @kaylynn and @anonimous, the 2 Commaful Ambassadors behind this program, will serve as judges and can answer any questions! Winners will win the title of Commaful Creator of the Week!

Submission Info

If you tag an eligible story withWeeklyCreator1, that story will automatically be entered. Using the below button to create will automatically enter your creation into the contest.

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